A Brief Interview with Barry: Owner and Project Manager of PCM Carpentry

After working for prominent bulk builders, residential home maintenance companies, real estate agents, vendors and the general public throughout Melbourne the past 20+ years, Barry went out on his own.

Barry and his wife started PCM Carpentry Australia from the ground up and through client word of mouth, the business has expanded to include an expert team of trades and suppliers.

Barry, why did you decide to go out on your own?

I had been working for different companies/bosses since starting my apprenticeship at age 16 and with experience, I began to see how I could do things better. It use to really frustrate me the lack of organisation or poorly organised jobs. When I started PCM Carpentry, I learnt from the mistakes of others what not to do or how not to plan a job and designed my own streamlined system for my business. Ultimately I wet out on my own because I knew I had something better to offer, I was confident I could deliver an exceptional quality finish; within budget, on time and to the clients satisfaction.

What advice can you give young tradespeople?

I suppose I’d say that all work experience is good experience (unless it’s unsafe). If it’s not a safe working environment – get out of there! No job is worth your life. Your best asset whilst your learning is the experience of others around you (the more experienced tradespeople). Learn what works and what doesn’t and develop your own way of going about things.

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

Trends in home renovation change and evolve constantly so I keep an eye on them and through consultation with my clients can recommend products and finishes. My clients often inform the inspiration through the initial consultation and then I’ll go away and plan the project; researching finishes and available products.

You obviously love what you do, why do you love it so much?

My dad was a carpenter and I’ve wanted to be a carpenter since before I can remember. I love nutting out how things work and problem solving for my clients. It just comes naturally to me and I honestly wouldn’t want to do anything else.

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