How to safely deal with Tradies during the pandemic

If you need work done and your not sure what the etiquette is, we are going to tell you how to safely deal with tradies during the pandemic. It’s important to follow these guidelines to ensure we are all acting in a safe and socially responsible manner.

As an essential service, PCM Carpentry trades practice social distancing, wear a mask and carry hand sanitiser in their trade vehicles at all times.

Let’s learn how to safely deal with tradies during the pandemic

If we are coming to your home or workplace to provide you with a quote for works to be completed or completing works, please follow the government guidelines and our ‘COVID Safe Plan’ to slow the spread of the virus:

  • Greet us at the door but remain a safe distance as per the ‘social distance’ guidelines (1 person per 4 square meter)
  • Wave instead of shaking hands with your tradesman
  • Offer your tradesman the opportunity to wash their hands at the start and conclusion of the job ensuring hand sanitiser and paper towel are available in toilets
  • Wear a mask (even in your own home) to ensure no cross-infection occurs between yourself and your tradesman.
  • Do not offer your tradesman any food or drink.
  • Our trades do not take payment on site (cashless payment). We will email you an invoice to pay after the service is completed.
  • Clean frequently touched areas and surfaces with a detergent, disinfectant solution, or wipe.
keeping your distance
good hygiene is in your hands
simple steps to help stop the spread

PCM Carpentry trades reserve the right to leave your premises if these safety guidelines are not adhered to.

We look forward to meeting you in a safe and socially responsible manner.

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