Barry Lindsey
(Master Carpenter and Owner)

Barry (Owner, Project Manager and Master Carpenter) is an incredible source of industry knowledge and skills, with his 20+ years of experience working across the building and construction industry. Barry has renovating in his blood and believes in the value of hard work and quality craftsmanship, delivering exceptional finishes with the support of his amazing team and family.

A natural born leader with a friendly and accommodating approach, Barry has spent his career learning and perfecting the flow of work to streamline your renovation project. His booming voice and jovial laugh make the worksite a pleasant place to be. He is the only person you will deal with (from start to finish), as he juggles trades and suppliers for your convenience, so you don’t have to!

Barry loves a deadline and organises his trades to be onsite like clockwork (which you will know, if you have renovated before, is often a difficult task). Problem solving on the fly and collaborating with his clients is his strength as he delivers stunning finishes. With a knack for innovation and the right balance of knowing what works and what looks good, he takes on your renovation challenge as if it were his own home – striving for a high quality finish you’re “in love with” every time.

Throughout his lengthy career, he has worked with various prominent bulk builders, residential home maintenance companies, real estate agents, vendors, the general public and completed insurance works and reports. PCM Carpentry is a Master Builders Victoria member which is a testament to Barry, held to the highest industry standards and recognised as one of the industries best trade services operating in Melbourne, Victoria.

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