Full-service Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry and Home Renovations

Specialising in custom home renovations from kitchens and bathrooms to laundries, re-modelling, interior makeovers, whole home renovations, revamps and everything in between… PCM Carpentry Australia really is your one-stop-trade-service.

We manage your renovation from start to finish, providing all tradesmen and save you from having to get different quotes from different trades and the headache that comes with it. With highly experienced and qualified tradesmen, suppliers and industry professionals at hand, you don’t need to worry about a thing! Sit back, relax and let our expert team do the hard work for you.

We can assist you with designing your kitchen, bathroom or other household space and selecting all of your fittings, fixtures and finishes including:

L I G H T I N G  A N D  V E N T I L A T I O N

pendant lighting





C O N T E M P O R A R Y  T A P W E A R  A N D  F I X T U R E S

kitchen renovations


F L O O R I N G  A N D  T I L E S

flooring and tiles laundry renovation




S H O W E R  F I T T I N G S ,  T I L E S  A N D  S C R E E N S

 tiled shower base


F R E E S T A N D I N G ,  S P A  A N D  S T A N D A R D  B A T H T U B S

freestanding bath tubs


V A N I T Y  U N I T S  A N D  C U S T O M  C A B I N E T R Y

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