Can we do some of the work ourselves?

Yes absolutely however, we have developed processes and systems to manage your renovation from start to finish, quickly and easily. If you do employ your own trades i.e. friends or family, they must adhere to our timelines for completion. If they cannot, it may be too late to book in our trades to complete the work as they will be booked onto other jobs. Please note this may delay the process if you are let down by your trades.

It is also important that you don’t undertake works you don’t know how to do/are not qualified to do as these can prove disastrous to you i.e. you may think its easy enough to demolish and remove an internal wall but what if that wall is load bearing? Are you prepared for your roof to cave in? This is just one scenario we have encountered.

There are things you can do to save money during the renovation process. We recommend you speak to our experts during your initial consultation and ask us how.

Your Thoughts? ...

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