Our Renovating Essentials 

Renovating can be cheaper than buying your dream house, if done the right way. Here are our renovating essentials to help guide you through planning your renovation.

Make a plan and do your research

Renovating is never a bad idea – improving or updating your home only adds to your comfort and the value of your home.

Why are you renovating? For yourself or to sell? Or a combination of both? Be clear  on this point as it will inform the rest of your renovation.

Choose a tradesman who is experienced in the type of renovation you are undertaking and be clear with your expectations. You should also ask for an estimated time frame to complete the reno otherwise, you might find your renovation stretched out over months and months. You can also ask for a written contract to garuntee the work.

Your precious belongings 

Organise your precious belongings prior to works commencing. Tradesmen are generally careful with your belongings but accidents can happen and the only way to keep your things safe, is to put them away. Cover your furniture if painting or plastering as these are messy tasks – your tradesman should do this anyway but for your own peice of mind, get prepared before works commence.

Speak Up!

If you are not happy with something during or at the conclusion of your renovation, speak up! The best way to get the outcome you want is to communicate it clearly – it’s your home so be strict with your tradesman about your requirements.

At the end of the day, it’s your home and renovation so you need to be happy with the finished result.

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