Kitchen Benchtops: What are my options?

So you’re renovating your kitchen and you’re looking at benchtop finnishes, but where do you start? Today there are more benchtop options available than ever before… So your in luck!

No matter your budget and tastes, there is an option to suit your kitchen. These are some of the most popular options currently available to you:


Timber benchtops are beautiful and unique in the right kitchen design. They can add charm to a rustic or country kitchen whilst being environmentally friendly and re-usable. Refer to: Timber Bench tops: The Pros and Cons.

timber benchtops


Laminate kitchen benchtops are the most popular because they are the least expensive option, come in a huge range of styles, colours and designs but also function well in a kitchen setting.

laminate kitchen benchtops

Engineered stone

Engineered stone  benchtops are rapidly gaining popularity because of their strength and durability but also their resemblance to more expensive stone counterparts. A great finish with a smoother, more uniform appearance, engineered stone is strong and durable.

engineered stone kitchen benchtops


Hugely popular, granite gives a timeless look to your kitchen. Granites are some of the hardest of the common dimension stones, offering high levels of resistance to abrasion and scratching. Stain resistant, heat resistant, non-porous, durable and attractive, granite enhances your kitchen and never goes out of fashion.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel has long been chosen in commercial kitchens for its durability and hygienic qualities, however it is now being embraced in the domestic market as a contemporary finish to enhance and beautify any new kitchen.

Just to name a few.
Each kitchen benchtop material has it’s advantages and disadvantages. We recommend doing your research, sticking to your price point and sourcing the material that’s right for your kitchen renovation design.

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