5 plants that are (almost) impossible to kill

Horticulture and landscape expert Charlie Albone shares his top tips for plants that are hard to kill.

Struggling to keep your houseplants alive? Help is at hand even if you don’t have a green thumb. Try one of these superstar plants that can withstand almost anything.

Amazon Australia have recently launched a Garden store to help Australians make their outdoor space as inviting as possible. The new range features everything from pots to patio furniture. 

To celebrate the launch and encourage Aussies to get growing, multi-award winning horticulture and landscape expert Charlie Albone shares his top five plants for those of us who are horticulturally challenged.

1 Mother-in-laws tongue


“This is a hardy upright succulent that grows out in the garden as well as indoors,” Charlie says. With its vibrant green and yellow leaves they make great pot plants and are easy to propagate and easy to care for. Plant in free-draining soil and water occasionally.

2 Aspidistra (cast iron plant)


The nickname says it all! This hardy plant grows grow in shade under trees and shrubs. It’s also perfect for cooler indoor areas of your home with indirect sunlight. Its dark green leaves are slow-growing so you won’t need to give it much more room as time goes on. “You can only kill it with too much sun,” Charlie says.

3 Devils Ivy


Originating from tropical and temperate regions, this plant will thrive indoors in most climates. It grows well in full to partial shade outdoors. As indoor plants, they will do well in a brightly lit spot, however they will also grow in low-light conditions. “This is a great plant for indoor areas with low light such as bathrooms,” Charlie says.

4 Hen and chicken succulents

Nick Ryan

“Hen and chickens” is a common name for a group of small succulent plants, indicating a plant that possesses enlarged parts to store water, making them hardy and drought tolerant. “Make sure the soil is free draining and these will live forever,” Charlie says.

5 Indian Hawthorn


If you live near the beach, this is the perfect plant for you. This evergreen plant is virtually bulletproof and survives in all sorts of conditions. “A super hardy plant for full sun that can also take salty air,” Charlie says.

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