Beautiful Natural Wooden Designs to Inspire You!

We love natural wood and the amazing things wood workers create with timber. The colour variations, the differences in the grain and how they are shaped and treated all form these beautiful natural wooden designs. Incorporating wood into your home brings so much warmth and texture to an otherwise sterile and cold space. 

From live edge and rustic pieces to smooth finishes, these stunning designs bring rustic elements to your home. These unique designs embrace the timbers organic natural textures and colours. A piece of timber is a piece of art in itself; it’s life’s lines, knots, cracks, fire damage, insect attack/trails… all add character to the wood’s natural appearance. And, all of this character, tells the story of the trees life before it came to live in your house – we love natural wood!

Here’s some beautiful natural wood designs that are super creative.

And… we love Fixer Upper’s renovations on HGTV. So rustic yet modern and so inviting and warm. Together, Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip Gaines use a mix of modern and traditional elements to create luxurious, spacious and charming interiors for families in Waco Texas USA. Check out some of the beautiful natural timber features they incorporate into their designs.

Why not incorporate some natural wood designs into your home?

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