8 Reasons to enjoy the ‘Neutral Life’

A trend that has been around and come around throughout design history – is neutrals. Aussie’s love a neutral palette in the home and as renovators, we are all for it and here’s why…

Neutrals with Personality

A neutral colour palette means you can inject any colour you want into your home as it’s not going to clash with wall or floor colours, patterns or tones. You can bring in colour and personality through all the other elements you bring into the space to make it feel homely. For example your soft furnishings, artwork, rugs etc.

An example neutral colour palette
An example neutral colour palette

In saying that, your personality is unique and so your idea of what neutral is and looks like, could be vert different from the next person. Neutrals (like any other colour palette) is subjective and beauty (as always) is in the eye of the beholder.

Broad appeal

Neutrals are also very appealing to the eye as it can feel very warm and inviting (depending on the the colour choices and the styling). It’s also broadly to allot of different people, which is super handy if your renovating to sell your property! Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in the space and a neutral colour palette offers neutrality; no matter what furniture they have, it’s more likely to go with their belongings than a colourful wall. It increases your buyer pool through broad appeal.

Disband the bland notion

As much as neutrals have a stigma, they do not have to be bland! When selecting a neutral colour palette for your home, think about the colours that you like (or that you like collectively as a family) – that bring you job, calm or peace and then choose muted tones of those colours for your wall colours. Neutral can be a true reflection of your style and can be allot of fun.

Bang on trend

Bang on trend right now, your options for soft furnishings, rugs, artwork, furniture etc. are endless, especially with a neutral colour palette! Think leathers, linens, fur, jute, and super plush throws. You can see why this is so trendy right now with it’s soft and fuzzy lovey dovey feels.

Natural and timeless

Pulling earthy tones directly from nature, the neutrals trend is so effortlessly timeless; meaning as much as trends go in and out of fashion over time, this trend has not dated. The neutral colour palette is a really popular one that has evolved over time but does not date with changing trends.

In fact, if your paint scheme and flooring design is neutral, as trends changes and you feel you want to update your space, you have the option to update your furnishings and decor – you don’t have to re-do floors and repaint (unless it needs a repaint of course).

As unique as you are

As mentioned above, this trend is open to interpretation; and I mean open to your own personal interpretation of what good neutral design looks like to you. Everyone has an idea of the things they like and dislike and this colour palette can really lend itself to your own uniqueness.

Emotional response

Through the plush textures, calming tones and finishes, this trend arouses an emotional response; calm, peace, relaxation, and warm homely feels. Depending on the design itself will depend on the emotional response you get or feel from the space.

Remember that neutrals are no longer just greys, whites and brown tones (that’s probably the first place your mind goes when you hear the word ‘neutrals’) but also a plethora of warming colours creating calm and uplift in your space; pinks, greens, blues, orange… you names it, there;s a neutral colour for every colour of the rainbow. And that’s why we love this trend, it’s versatility and we think it’s little bit of home design magic.

neutral green baby nursery

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