We are Hiring! Carpenter for Subcontract Work

Seeking sub-contract Carpenter with experience in residential renovations, home maintenance and deck builds. Would suit tradesman running their own business, needing extra work or tradesman wanting 3-4 days work.

The Chic Coastal Trend

Coastal feels without the coastline…why not? Chic coastal looks are “so in” right now. And we think it looks so relaxed and peaceful; so conducive to the Australian way of life! So how do you create a little piece of chic coastal paradise in your own home?

8 Reno Blunders and How to Avoid Them

The last thing you want when you’re renovating is to make a rookie mistake that will set you back time-wise, or add unnecessary costs to your budget.

What is a Carpenter?

Most people have heard of Carpenters but more often than not, people are not quite sure what a Carpenter is. In my career to date I’ve heard things like “Do you lay carpet?” or “You are a handyman right?” So what is a Carpenter and what kind of work do they actually do? As much…