What is a Carpenter?

Most people have heard of Carpenters but more often than not, people are not quite sure what a Carpenter is. In my career to date I’ve heard things like “Do you lay carpet?” or “You are a handyman right?” So what is a Carpenter and what kind of work do they actually do?

As much as I am skilled in a range of different areas pertaining to “handyman skills” a Carpenter by trade is a skilled tradesman who traditionally worked with natural wood; cutting, shaping and installing building materials.

Carpenters these days are much more versatile and perform a number of tasks from reading building plans to full home renovations and some can even build a complete house from start to finish.

Today however, we have a greater range of materials available to us as a society with advances in technology and more advanced building materials. Carpenters now use more than just wood to build and install such as: engineered timber, plywood, panelling and treated timber to name just a few.

A carpenter is one of the most necessary and most used of all building trades due to their specialised knowledge and the techniques that they use when working with wood. (Excerpt from: http://www.homeimprovementpages.com.au/article/what_is_carpentry)

A Carpenter may also specialise in a particular area i.e. PCM Carpentry specialises in home and property maintenance, renovations, extensions and various other Carpentry services. It is a varied and labour intensive role that suits people who are good with figures, taking measurements, diligent, self motivated and hard working.

For those interested in becoming a Carpenter, the most common entry point is to complete a 4 year Apprenticeship. Seek out building, property maintenance or other construction companies who may be able to take you under their wing.

I am happy to say that after 18 years in the business, I still love my job and am passionate about what I do. I have a vital  role to play within the building and construction industry with no two days ever the same and look forward to each new project.

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