Budgeting for your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen renovations can be an expensive exercise, especially if you don’t set your budget from the very beginning. Sitting down and working out your budget is going to make all the world of difference and save you a whole lot of anguish at the renovations completion.

Why are you renovating?

You should consider the aim of the renovation; are you renovating for lifestyle or profit?

If your renovating for lifestyle, what would improve your lifestyle if you were to add it to your kitchen? Maybe you love cooking but your cook top is too small for all the mouths you have to feed. Consider whether you can get put in a bigger cook top. Have you run out of space for your growing family? You could consider downsizing your bench space to make the space feel bigger.

If your renovating for profit, think timeless finishes (finishes that aren’t going to date) such as white subway pattern tiles for your splash back, wood finish floors and chrome appliances. You don’t want to spend too much money on the renovation but enough to update the space to the here and now and make a profit when you sell or rent it out.

My best advice to you is ‘do your research and understand what things cost’. A kitchen renovation can cost between $10,000 and $100,000 depending on your choices and tastes – I’ve completed works at either end of the scale. PCM Carpentry can assist you in developing your budget by exploring your options with you.

What should you consider when budgeting?

You will need to buy cabinetry, appliances, sink and tap wear, flooring, paint and all other smaller elements required to complete your kitchen renovation. If your employing tradesmen to do the work, their labour also needs to factored in. We take the stress out of this process for you by offering an all round service.

A great tip as presented in the above video by House & Home is to overestimate; don’t set a really stringent budget if you can help it. You may change your mind along the way and add a more expensive finish i.e. a glass splash back that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford without that little bit extra in the budget. Allow for contingencies so that you are satisfied with the final product and don’t have to compromise too much on your tastes.

On the other hand we understand that not everyone is going to be able to afford to have wiggle room – this is also fine. We can work with you to try and reduce some of the costs involved (where possible) without compromising on quality. As long as you understand there will be no upgrades throughout your renovation, so you can’t fall in love with a more expensive finish or fitting. Compromise on those elements you can without loosing your design in the process and you’ll end up with a finished product your going to love for years to come.

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