Industrial interior design is very “on-trend” right now; an eclectic mix of the old and the new to achieve an edgy contemporary feel. From new builds and renovations, this trend boldly goes where other trends only dream to go; exposing structural details and original features to make the space feel modern as well as staying true to its heritage.

Now I am no self-confessed expert on the subject but, I do love the juxtaposition between the new and the old materials as well as the open plan floor plans. Modern and acclectic: you can be sure to observe rustic, wooden, metallic, geometric and vintage elements in an industrial interior design.

The scope of furniture and accessories available today take this style to a whole new level with vintage elements and contemporary elements readily available.

Raw materials really work with this trend as a raw timber benchtop creates substance and warmth against the starkness of other elements. The roofline is generally overlooked but with the industrial interior design trend, exposed beams, ducts and wiring add to the dramatic flair and texture of the space.

I have seen restaurant spaces where they have spray painted the roofline black or silver to unify the elements and create maximum drama; it looks very funky.

If you love this trend as much as we do and want your own industrial space, check out these inspirational spaces …