Whilst poolside decking and fencing looks simply magnificent, you can’t afford to get it wrong!

When designing your outdoor haven you must consider your responsibilities under Victorian regulations. These regulations help protect you and your family as well as the community from accidents and tragedies, especially when it comes to keeping children safe around water.

We highly recommend employing a professional contractor to help you design and build your decking and fencing to make sure you are 100% compliant.

Pool Decking fencing
We won’t go into the boring details of the regulations because that’s what you hire us for!

Instead, let’s look at some stunning poolside decking and fencing pictures for inspiration…


For more information on the requirements for pool barriers, please visit the fact sheets below:

  1. Victorian Building Authority Practice Notice – Swimming Pool and Spa Safety
  2. Victorian Building Authority – About Swimming Pools, Spas and their Safety Barriers
  3. SPASA Victoria – Safety Barriers