Renovation Ideas for Creating the Perfect Nautical Space

The beauty and allure of the sea is why many people choose a nautical themed renovation. Here’s our top 10 renovation ideas for creating a stunning nautical space that you will enjoy for years to come.

1. Crisp, clean and white

Start with a crisp, clean and white base using white paint and tiles. This will inform the rest of the design by starting with a minimalist/blank canvas will allow you to add nautical elements and colours that will stand out, creating stunning features.

2. Antique Nautical Elements

Try mounting an antique ship wheel to the wall or installing a nautical themed window. Other great examples of elements you might like to use: sea creatures such as starfish, sea anemone, sea urchins, shells, thick knotted nautical rope, vessel models or even pictures of vessels – just to name a few. By creating a focal point in the room your nautical theme will start to come together…

3. Non-traditional finishes

Introducing a non-traditional element to your space will really bring your space to life and make it your own. Here are some fantastic examples of non-traditional finishes.

4. Mixture of old and new

Using a carefully selected mixture of old and new can really bring the space to life i.e. freshly pain the room and use modern tiles but install rustic wooden details using recycled materials or hand made elements. Inject some personality into the room.

Nautical inspired spaces should transport you to another time and place whilst still feeling luxurious and modern. So have fun with it!

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