Stunning Warehouse Conversions

I don’t know about you but I’d love to take on a project like a warehouse conversion. With so much open space and the ability to mix industrial and traditional design, what a challenge this would be!

Stunning, well thought out and a lot of fun to look at… here’s some amazing inspirational warehouse conversions.

Biggin Scott’s Edward Hobbs puts down their popularity to big feature windows, high ceilings, and internal designs that bring out the character and industrial heritage of the space.
“As soon as we get a warehouse conversion in Richmond we know it’s going to be very popular and a really good campaign,” he says. “Some of the most popular blocks in town, in Richmond, are the warehouse conversions. They’re very popular amongst a number of demographics but particularly first and second-home buyers, young professional couples; DINKs really like them and also investors. They’re a bit timeless, they’re a bit ageless and they never go out of fashion.”

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