How To Create A Relaxing Bathroom

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When renovating a bathroom it is so important to think about how you use the space on a daily basis because it’s such an important room for your families everyday life – lets create a relaxing bathroom! Whether you start the day off or end the day in the bathroom, your sense of “calm” and “relaxed” is dependent on how this room makes you feel. I know like most people, I’m affected heavily by my environment which informs my feelings and emotions. So how do you create a relaxing oasis bathroom for your family to enjoy?

1. “Good feels” things

Think about what makes you feel clean, calm and relaxed. For me, it’s the colour blue (because I associate blue with the ocean and clean water) and I’m relaxed by sea creatures (as I associate whales, sea turtles and dolphins with being on holiday) so, for me I designed a minimalist, clean lined, neutral palette bathroom (white and grey tiles), added artwork of whales I’ve collected on my holidays, whale tails towel hooks and pops of colour in my towels to bring in all my “good feels” things.

It’s always a good idea to keep the bones of your bathroom fairly neutral as you can dress a room any way you like and change it up as often as you like. It also allows future investers to imagine their own things in the space – excellent for renovating to sell a property. 

2. De-clutter

Something so simple you may not have even considered it… “clutter”.

De-cluttering your space automatically removes anxiety from your daily routine as you no longer worry about when your going to have time to clean up or put things away. Clutter can make you feel cramped, anxious, trapped and lost (all emotions you don’t want to create in your relaxing, calming bathroom).

3. Lighten your bathroom

If your renovating your bathroom you probably don’t like how it currently looks and there are a few simple ways to change the look of your bathroom easily and quickly. To lighten up the space, remove any cladding, wallpaper, ancient tiles or feature walls and get back to plaster walls. Re-tile in light, bright colours and re-paint your walls in a bright, light colour. If your going to feature a decorative tile somewhere, do it in the shower or on the floor (keep the walls light, bright and clean). In saying that, there’s no set rule to what you can and can’t do in a bathroom but for maximum lightness, this is what I’d recommend.

4. Soak up the suds

So many home owners make the mistake of removing bathtubs from their homes and to put it frankly – home buyers love a bathtub. Removing a bathtub may cost you dollars in the long run. This is especially true if you sell your home and a family is interested in buying it. Without a tub, they can’t bathe their children. So, where possible, keep the tub!

There’s nothing more relaxing or calming than a nice long bubble bath with a bath bomb or some soothing Radox after a long day at work.

5. Windows in a bathroom

If your bathroom has a window, don’t remove it. It’s providing much needed light for the room and can be incorporated into most any bathroom design. If your window sits where your shower is going, consider tiling the window frame and ledge to create a glamorous shower niche that looks the part. If you need to, change out the glass opting for a frosted option but keep the window.

5. Greenery

Bringing the outdoors in can really help your bathroom feel calm and relaxing.

With a neutral colour scheme, the greenery is going to create a lush contrast that helps you sink deep into that bathtub (glass of wine in hand).

If you have a small space, a pot plant can really add to the calm of a bathroom. I much prefer a real plant but if you really can’t handle the maintenance, opt for a plastic fantastic instead!

4. Bring the outdoors in

I love a good indoor plant, and there’s something so appealing about creating a mini oasis inside the bathroom. The lush greenery and colour of plants or flowers is such a great contrast, especially against white walls and tiles, and definitely a calming influence. And if you don’t want the hassle of taking care of houseplants, there’s always the plastic variety!

Share your ideas and inspo for creating a calming and relaxing bathroom at your place…


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