How To Create A Relaxing Bathroom

When renovating a bathroom it is so important to think about how you use the space on a daily basis because it’s such an important room for your families everyday life. Whether you start the day off or end the day in the bathroom, your sense of “calm” and “relaxed” is dependent on how this room makes you feel. I know like most people, I’m affected heavily by my environment which informs my feelings and emotions. So how do you create a relaxing oasis bathroom for your family to enjoy?

Home styling trends 2019: Fringing is in!

Whether casual 1970’s bohemian or formal 1920’s inspired, there’s no doubt that fringing is back! From a fabulous fringed pendant light to a fringed ottoman ideal for the dressing room, here are our favourite fringed finds.

The D.I.Y Revolution!

You would have seen the ads on TV for Bunnings Warehouse “D.I.Y Renovation – Do it yourself at Bunnings”… and thought to yourself, “maybe I could do that myself”. Have you also tried and got it horribly wrong? There are positives and negatives to this and it’s not just Bunnings promoting the D.I.Y revolution but…