Mudroom ideas: Willow & Wood introduce mix ‘n match

What’s a mudroom, I hear you ask? (I really have heard a lot of you ask this!). I think we’ve seen a few on shows like The Block, only they’re not always an actual room, are they?! So I’m here to demystify a little and tell you why you need one!

They can be a whole room of course, if you have that luxury of space. But the great thing is, you don’t need a whole room with a door on it to get the same effect. The way I look at it, it’s a place between outside and inside. So when you come home, you can sit and take off your dirty outdoor shoes, hang up your bag and coat perhaps, pop your keys and mail down, and in doing so, avoid a whole lot of mess and clutter. It’s my idea of storage heaven, which is why I have one in our entryway, which opens onto our living room!

Mudrooms, or mudroom areas, can be built into the smallest of underused spaces in a hallway or entryway, under the stairs even. And thanks to Australian brand Willow and Wood, you don’t need to go custom to get a great looking and functional solution that suits your home’s size and style, and the number of people in it! They’ve recently introduced a mix and match solution, with a variety of hooks and benches, with or without a wall panel between the two, and whether you want to hide those shoes right away or have them in open baskets. You can even choose a classic all-white solution or something a little more traditional or rustic with some unpainted timber. Or a combination of the two! For the Scandi fans, there’s even a look for you. The options are endless!

We are big fans of this Australian brand started by a father and daughter. 25 years ago, Russell Tyndall helped his 18-year-old daughter Rebecca build a wall-mounted bookshelf that, to this day, still sits in her home holding many treasured possessions. It’s been through 13 moves, five coats of paint and wax and is still as strong as ever!  “That’s because it was built with love and made to last, says Rebecca, who went on to start the family business with him. “We take great care to produce quality, functional and beautiful products, all of which are made for longevity and timeless style. Our products are designed by us, right here in our Melbourne workshop, where we hand make all of our prototypes to make sure they are just right. Both our local craftsmen and craftsmen in Vietnam then produce our products to exact specifications to ensure the quality people have come to expect from Willow & Wood.”

Rebecca Tyndall

Rebecca adds: “The Mudroom has slowly been making its way into Australian homes. As a mother, I understand the struggle families face each day to get out the door on time simply because they can’t find shoes, hats or school bags! Now that can all be solved simply and beautifully with a Willow and Wood Mudroom that can be customised through a range of mix and match pieces. Every home needs a well organised space where the family can hang their bags, backpacks, coats and hats in a central location. Our new mix and match range helps ordinary families design a custom look storage station to suit individual needs and styles.”

My own Mudroom from Willow and Wood was one of the first things we installed in our house two years ago and it is a lifesaver! (Photo by Jacqui Turk)

Willow and Wood don’t just sell Mudrooms, they have all manner of storage solutions you didn’t know you needed, trust me, with great stuff for kids’ rooms like their bestselling Bookworm Bookrack!

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