Being a Frugal Santa during a pandemic

Christmas during the COVID-19 World-wide Pandemic

What a year we have had Australia and what a pandemic we are still enduring across the world. So how do we be a frugal Santa during a pandemic? How do we keep the magic of Christmas alive for the kids? This year is certainly going to be different!

In Melbourne, I don’t know one family that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic whether it be job losses, working from home, cancelled holidays or home schooling – every family has been touched by this unprecedented event. This is how you become a frugal Santa during a pandemic…

Frugal Gift Buying and Giving

For those of us struggling to get back on our feet, your family and friends will understand if you cant afford to buy presents this year. Focus on your children and get creative with your shopping. Checkout discount stores such as The Reject Shop, Kmart and $2 Shops for stocking stuffers and gifts. You could even jump onto eBay or Facebook Marketplace to hunt down a bargain; kids just want to have lots of little things to unwrap and get excited about.

If buying gifts is outside of your budget this year, think about making or building your gifts. If you have a secret creative talent, why not use it to make your Christmas gifts?

Remember, Christmas is about the moments you spend together and creating memories that last a lifetime and not about things. Giving and getting gifts is great but the memories are what last and stay with you.


All states and territories have different rules so, follow the health advice and stay safe this Christmas. This year we will all appreciate your loved ones and the time you get to spend together more than ever before. Wear your masks, carry hand sanitiser, gather outside (if possible) and have a happy and COVID safe festive season Australia!

Frugal Santa during a pandemic

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