Penshurst – A Sea Captain’s Mansion Saved from Ruin

I have a soft spot for Penshurst, the historic house I’m going to share with you today – which was actually one of my very first home tours – in fact I visited it before I’d even clicked ‘publish’ on my first blog post! (Original post here).

Subway tile layout: 12 different ways!

While known for their classic and timeless nature, the subway tile has experienced a dramatic renaissance this autumn, but not in the way DIY renovators would necessarily expect.

Home styling trends 2019: Fringing is in!

Whether casual 1970’s bohemian or formal 1920’s inspired, there’s no doubt that fringing is back! From a fabulous fringed pendant light to a fringed ottoman ideal for the dressing room, here are our favourite fringed finds.

Adelaide student flip makes $120k profit

Adelaide students Martin and Leanne have been property investors for over 20 years, but tackling a renovation was something they had little experience of until completing a Renovating for Profit bootcamp in May 2017.

Why botanicals are right on‑trend

The botanical trend has come and gone over the decades, largely because it plays to the idea of bringing nature into our homes, adding a fresh and airy vibe to any interior.

Designing the perfect shower niche

Shower niche are a necessity in bathroom design right now and what an effective way to keep all those shampoos, conditioners and body washes up off the floor. They make fantastic storage solutions for your shower and can make a bold statement as well.

30 Family-Friendly Bathrooms

Wet towels left on the floor, cluttered vanities and arguments over whose turn it is to use the shower – sharing a family bathroom can be veer from fun to annoying to stressful. Generous storage, low-maintenance finishes and a smart layout can make a big difference to the feel and functionality of the space. We’ve…

25 Ideas for Narrow Spaces in Your Home

Perhaps you live in a Victorian terrace, or a Federation semi, or a house squeezed onto a sliver of land. Or you may simply have one area of your home that is deep rather than wide.

Outdoor decorative D.I.Y. screen hack

This screen is mounted on the front wall at Ferny Hill Retreat in picturesque Emerald Victoria. It’s the first thing people see as they enter the driveway and it really packs a visual punch! This was very easy and cost effective to make. Anyone with a can of paint and a few screws can do…

7 Reasons to Choose Dark Kitchen Cabinetry

Trying to decide whether to go for light or dark kitchen units? Here are 7 compelling reasons to choose the latter Dark and dramatic, or light and bright? When it comes to choosing your kitchen units, it can be hard to decide. So in the first of a two-part series to help you choose your…

Delight in Pendant Lighting

We delight in a  beautifully designed pendant light – an ambient glow positioned just right can make or break a room. The bright side of lighting From a beautifully shaped pendant to a sophisticated illumination, pendant lighting is trending right now and adds a touch of something special to every renovation. Carefully considered pendant lighting…